Thursday, 2 April 2015

Motherboard+A Few Career Changes

First off.

Sci-fi and speculative fiction writers--check out Terraform if you haven't already. It's a subsection of Motherboard, Vice's science and technology culture vertical 'site. A beautiful place to trawl for ideas or submit your work. They do have a budget for writers/journalists of all stripes, and Matthew Braga (Motherboard's editor) is a great guy. Just do some recon first, and seriously consider whether your work fits their style. If so, I know they want to learn more about it (and you). I'm working on a few things at the moment that may, with enough thrust, achieve escape velocity from their slush pile...

Secondly, career changes. I quit my staff reporter gig. I'm going to be retraining as a video journalist, and I'll be picking up a new job as city editor of a Toronto-based website by the end of the summer. Video should keep me from slogging home and sitting in front of a screen with a word count hovering around zero, wondering why I don't have the energy to finish a sentence after pounding out 3-4 articles a week at my other gig. As for the city editor thing, it's for a reboot of an older site (courtesy of an editor I used to work for), so we're all going to be learning the ropes as we go.

The point is, I'll be around a bit more in the next few weeks than I have in a while. Radio silence may ensue around the end of August/early September. Nothing you haven't read (or not read) before.

<work> "Tools (wt)", "arachnae.we", "Paragons"
<words> "The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer"--Neal Stephenson/"Equal Rites"--Terry Pratchett
<noise> "Cornucopia"--Serj Tankian
 <screens> N/A
<levels> N/A
 <food+drink> Strong coffee
<quotes> "I loved you in the sunshine/You chase the moon with a spear"--Serj Tankian

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