Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Re-Introduction of Sorts

This is now my third fourth attempt at a blog.  The other three fell through as a combination of shitty Internet, utter incompetence with Blogspot (or Wordpress), and a general lack of any self-expressive habits whatsoever.  All of them are fizzling out in obscure corners of the blogosphere, or suffered a delete-folder saturation bombing.

I figured I still needed my own space for new projects, updates, talking shop with artists and creatives of all shapes, stripes, and colours, and picking apart the world in general.  A new found interest in the anonymity and power of the seemingly archaic world of blogging in the day of mobile-tethered social media is going to keep me here.  I hope. 

If you're interested, pay attention.  If you aren't, move along.  Feedback wouldn't hurt either way.

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