Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Bio, Reiterated

Glance at the top left-hand bar for the short version.  I'm a writer based out of Toronto.  I'm unrepresented, unpaid, and (currently) unpublished in print.  Web content is a different bucket of fish.  Temp jobs are my current source of paid bills and food.  Won't bore you with the details.

I'm currently studying journalism.  It's landed me a few jobs blogging or inside campus papers, but that's all.  The more I learn, the deeper I dig into the gargantuan morass of systems and cultures and laws and morals and characters that simmer together and become the world we live in.   The more I learn, the less time I have to write.  It might become my nine-to-five, or just a folder of clippings in a desk.  Good practice either way.

I've lived in or around Toronto my whole life.

I'm a humanist.  There's a bit of socialist, anarchist, (cyber) direct-democrat, and punk thought thrown in as well.  Tend to lean left, until I start hitting champagne socialists and uncritical bloggers.

I was a withdrawn kid.  Didn't start writing seriously until I began hanging out with the best friends of a friend I'd met playing in a military band.  All of them were incredibly talented kids.  Still are.  All of them were animators/illustrators, most doubled as writers, and a few tripled as musicians.  One designed games.  One danced.  This group has fragmented and been added to, but they remain an inspiration, a support, and a network that's done more for my work than ever.  Writing is my art thanks to them.

You get the drill.

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