Sunday, 7 September 2014

Genre and Style, Revisted

I write anything but poetry.  And even then, my aim is to tension prose to hum without the need for stanzas or verse or a mic stand in a basement somewhere.  I prefer longer work--novels, feature-length films--but I mainly write in the short-story to novella length.  I've been trying my hand at games, tabletop scenarios, audio drama, even a few experimental forms.  If it's a medium, I'll try it.

I don't have a preferred genre.  Bending genres appeals more than filling out a niche.  Most of my work would fall into the following genres, styles, or topics:  cyberpunk, trans-humanist sci-fi, horror, noir, punk, historical fiction, low fantasy, contemporary, splatterpunk, xeno-fiction, military fiction (of all ages and calibres).  I tinker, fuse, and pick apart the above whenever possible.

Regular inspiration includes anything on my feeds, Toronto, transit systems, post-apocalyptic art, the book in my bag, odd turns of phrase, a TV show late at night.  Specific inspiration-of-choice includes work from Elizabeth Bear, Dan Abnett, S. M Stirling, Chuck Wendig, Neal Stephenson, Karen Lord, Chuck Palahniuk, Tony Burgess, the Gaslight Anthem, The Menzingers, Long Distance Calling, Agrifex.  Plenty of others exist.

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